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YPPT is endowed with ample experience in assembly, inspection, testing, machining and maintenance of engines and automotive industry. We are equipped with 5t electrical crane and 10t automatic crane, as well as advanced equipment including lathe, planer, miller, grinder, cutter, bender and welder, etc.

Currently, our annual production capacity reaches 2,000 sets of 20-2000 kW diesel (gas) generator sets for land use and marine, 1,500 sets of outboard motor carburetor, 120 sets of 24-375 kW explosion proof diesel engines and 50 sets of light explosion proof trolley with rubber wheel.

  • Machining Workshop

  • Machining

  • Welding

  • Explosion Proof Diesel Engine Assembly

  • Assembly Workshop 1

  • Assembly Workshop 2

  • Assembly Workshop 3

Based on continuous investment on advanced testing equipment, we are now having two standard testing labs equipped with hydraulic dynamometer, eddy current dynamometer, engine exhaust analyzer, fuel efficiency analyzer, noise analyzer and fuel testing machine, etc.

We are able to implement testing and inspection on the basis of customers' requirements. In addition, we have set various control standards to further enhance quality.

  • 20-200kW Eddy Current Dynamometer

  • 200-2000kW Hydraulic Dynamomete

  • 200-2000kW Hydraulic Dynamometer

  • Automatic Multifunctional Testing Control Platform

  • On-Site Testing on Marine Generator Set by CCS 01

  • On-Site Testing on Marine Generator Set by CCS 02

  • Explosion Proof Diesel Engine Being Tested

  • Gas Generator Set Test Bottle

On-Site Management
6S principles are applied to the entire production process. 6S implies Seiton, Seiri, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke and Safety.

  • Engine Assembly Workshop

  • Assembly Workshop

  • Warehouse of Finished Generator Set

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