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Diesel Generator Sets & ATS Cabinet for Hospitals

Hospital requires consistent power supply in an absolutely quite manner. YPPT diesel generator sets are the perfect choice, offering AMF and ATS functions, fast startup, low noise and emission as well as unbeatable safety.

1. Easy operation and maintenance are reducing your workload in a holistic approach.
2. AMF function is available to provide automatic shutdown and alarms in case of emergency.
3. ATS cabinet is optional and build-in ATS cabinet is available to small generator sets.
4. Ultra-silent power generation is perfect for hospitals. Generator sets below 30KVA are creating noise less than 60dB(A) in 7m.
5. Average MTBF is no less than 2,000 hours.
6. Small footprint enables our machine to be applicable for cold and hot areas.
7. Custom power solutions are available to fit your exact needs.

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