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Generator Sets and ATS Cabinet for Buildings

YPPT power generation solutions are practically engineered to meet all demanding needs for smooth operation and performance of various kinds of buildings and constructions around the world, such as office buildings, high-rise buildings, residential constructions, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, post offices and schools, etc. Our power generator sets, engines and ancillary devices are supplying consistent power and electricity as prime power and backup power.

Our gas/diesel generator sets are renowned for outstanding performance and reduced noise. The power machinery is fitted with PLC-5220 system and AMF (Auto Mains Failure) function, and is able to immediately supply power via ATS when mains power is shutdown.

1. We are your single-source supplier of power solutions. You are bypassing the needs for complicated technological knowledge and maintenance.
2. AMF function is introduced to the control system, thus offering various automatic monitoring and shutdown functions.
3. ATS cabinet is optional, and small generator set is compatible with build-in ATS.
4. Ultra-silent power generation is ensured. Generator sets below 30KVA are delivering less than 60dB(A) in 7m.
5. The average MTBF (mean time between failures) is no less than 1,000 hours.
6. Compact structure is highly recommended for applications in cold or hot environments.
7. Custom power solution is available upon request.

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