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YPPT power generation solutions are practically engineered to meet all demanding needs for smooth operation and performance of various kinds of buildings and constructions around the world, such as office buildings, high-rise buildings, residential constructions, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, post offices and schools, etc. Our power generator sets, engines and ancillary devices are supplying consistent power and electricity as prime power and backup power.

Our gas/diesel generator sets are renowned for outstanding performance and reduced noise. The power machinery is fitted with PLC-5220 system and AMF (Auto Mains Failure) function, and is able to immediately supply power via ATS when mains power is shutdown.

Hospital requires consistent power supply in an absolutely quite manner. YPPT diesel generator sets are the perfect choice, offering AMF and ATS functions, fast startup, low noise and emission as well as unbeatable safety.

1. Easy operation and maintenance are reducing your workload in a holistic approach.
2. AMF function is available to provide automatic shutdown and alarms in case of emergency.
3. ATS cabinet is optional and build-in ATS cabinet is available to small generator sets.
4. Ultra-silent power generation is perfect for hospitals. Generator sets below 30KVA are creating noise less than 60dB(A) in 7m.
5. Average MTBF is no less than 2,000 hours.
6. Small footprint enables our machine to be applicable for cold and hot areas.
7. Custom power solutions are available to fit your exact needs.

Train stations deserve the best power generation solutions. There are fire fighting systems, guiding systems, security systems, communication systems, signal system and data systems equipped in every train station. Our diesel generator sets are fabricated with meticulous design and quality components, and are capable of accommodating these challenges.

Normally, train stations are fitted with two power systems that are mains power and backup power. Our diesel generator sets feature AMF function, and are fitted with ATS cabinet. Therefore, backup power will be immediately supplied in case of mains power shutdown.

Our power generation systems are catering to all power needs of oilfields in a holistic approach, covering oil exploration, facilities constructions, operations and maintenance, as well as daily electricity consumption, etc.

Our generator sets are highly characterized by dependable performance and low noise generation. With the aid of ATS cabinet and PLC-5220 with AMF function, your oilfields are backed by backup power supply.

YPPT generator sets and engines are ruggedly designed to withstand various rigorous application environments. Thousands of successful applications are proving that our power solutions are one of the best.

Our generator sets and engines are renowned for stable performance, easy operation, low noise and exterior water and oil feeing. These features are well-suited for outdoor engineering.

YPPT generator sets are practically engineered to meet all demanding needs in mining. Based on actual working conditions, we supply sufficient power to improve your mining efficiency, as well as to daily electricity consumption and drilling machine modification, etc.

Our generator sets deliver dependable performance, low noise and minimized maintenance. Exterior oil and water feeding system is available to cater to special needs of outdoor applications.

YPPT offers comprehensive power generation solutions to power plants, ensuring consistent power supply in case of mains power shutdown.

Our generator sets offer durable performance, easy operation, minimized maintenance and low noise. Exterior oil and water feeding system is available.

YPPT power solutions show more excellence in withstanding all kinds of rigorous weathers, and offer all-day long power supplies.

In the wildness, our generator sets offer easy operation, minimized maintenance load and stable performance, so as to make everything in good hands.

Our power generation solutions and ancillary devices have been proved to be ideal for high plateau areas, low-pressure plateau areas and cold places.

In these extreme weathers, our generator sets are offering stable performance, easy operation, low noise and exterior water and oil feeding system. Therefore, you avail from sufficient power supply.

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