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    1. Diesel Generator Sets for Land Use

      YPPT diesel generator sets for land use is comprised of diesel engine and alternator. Our generating sets are engineered for standby and prime applications.

    1. Marine Generator Sets

      YPPT marine generator sets are practically engineered for normal use and emergency applications. Our marine power generation solutions are available as Cummins marine generator sets, Weichai marine generator sets and Yuchai marine generator sets.

    1. High Voltage Generator Sets

      Our KY series high voltage generator sets are applicable for diesel and heavy oil applications. This power plant is distinguished by precise voltage adjustment, stable dynamic performance, smooth voltage fluctuation, compacted structure, exceptional efficiency, easy maintenance and prolonged service life.

    1. Gas Generator Sets

      YPPT gas generator sets are presented as Cummins gas generator sets and Yuchai Deutz gas generator sets. This natural gas power generator is practically engineered to meet modern needs of environment protection and new energy development.

    1. Dual Fuel Generator Sets

      Our dual fuel generator sets are fitted with double fuel supply systems which are diesel system and natural gas system. This bi-fuel generator set has two working status, the diesel type and gas type. These two working methods are allowed to be interchanged in a smooth manner for continuous power supply.

    1. Cummins Engines

      We are nimble in terms of DCEC marine engines, DCEC generator engine, CCEC generator engine and DCEC engineering engine, etc.  

    1. Yuchai Engines

      The Yuchai engines are the key components to our power generator sets. The rated power of our turbocharged engine is ranged as 40 kW-320 kW. This water-cooled engine is highly characterized by latest emission technology and has been extensively applied as automotive engine, passenger vehicle engine, truck engine and tractor engine, etc.

    1. Weichai Engines

      The high speed engines, like WP4, WP6, WD10, WD12, WP12 and M26 are mainly applied to the high speed boats and yachts, passenger ships, fishing boats and official boats as main engine or auxiliary engine in offshore market.

    1. Explosion Proof Diesel Engines

      Our explosion proof diesel engines are available as 15 kW, 25 kW, 60 kW, 80 kW, 120 kW, 170 kW, 220 kW and 375 kW series environment friendly engines. Our large power diesel engine offers 170 kW to 375 kW power and is applicable for 40t to 80t mining equipment carrier and heavy-duty explosion proof oil pump set.

    1. Gas Engines

      Electrical control system is introduced to air inlet shutter, ignition coil and gas injection system, whereby making our gas engines to be National Standard III engines. Our gas engines are fitted with advanced turbocharger with air vent valve and waste gas vent valve control.

    1. Diesel Driven Pump Unit

      This agriculture diesel pump is fitted with superior engines supplied by national and international famous enterprises, thus featuring high speed, exceptional durability and loading capacity. Our diesel driven pump unit offers easy installation. All you have to install are water inlet and outlet pipes.

    1. Power Take-Off (PTO)

      This power take-off is applicable for mining, fir fighting, oil extraction, automotive, ship, diesel engine, mechanical conveying, mixer, air compressor, frozen machine, sand washer, coal slurry washer, brick making equipment, high-lift washing equipment, oil conveying machine, wind blower, cablelifter, net hauler and other large equipment.

    1. Control Cabinet

      Our control cabinet is able to display alternating voltage, current, frequency and power, etc. This merging unit control cabinet is capable of respectively implementing system start/shutdown, automatic/manual switch, alarm reset and automatic simultaneous switch adjustment, etc.

    1. ATS Cabinet

      Our ATS (automatic transfer switch) cabinet is ruggedly designed for single diesel generator set automation and monitoring system.

    1. Generator Set Monitoring System

      Our generator set monitoring system is specially engineered on the basis of high and low voltage power distribution system. This remote control system is amazingly characterized by comprehensive functions and protections, as well as user friendly interface and retrofit capability.

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