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Explosion Proof Engines

Explosion-proof engines are typically applied in offshore drilling platforms, remote oil and gas fields, offshore boats, as well as the ports for transport of dangerous goods. They are ideally suited for the diesel-driven generators, air compressors, explosion-proof pumps, cranes and so forth.

The air intake and exhaust systems in diesel engines have been specially treated to prevent explosion, flame and spark. The explosion-proof cooling system is designed to control the surface temperature, water temperature and the exhaust gas temperature. Not only that, explosion-proof treatment is done on a wide range of electrical components, including: starters, generators, storage batteries, switches, instruments, etc. This helps to eliminate or minimize the damage caused by electrical arcs and sparks. More importantly, we have designed this engine with an anti-static conveyor belt, non-metallic fan and other devices for protection from sparks.

Modified Cummins Explosion Proof Diesel Engine List

Model 50HZ

Prime Power /rpm Engine Explosion Proof Level Temperature level Gas Component
1 19KW/1500 25HP /1500 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
2 28KW/1500 37HP /1500 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
3 69KW/1500 92HP /1500 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
4 65KW/2200 87HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
5 70KW/2200 93HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
6 75KW/2200 100HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
7 85KW/1800 113HP/1800 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
8 85KW/2200 113HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
9 105KW/2200 140HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
10 120KW/2200 160HP/2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
11 190KW/2200 254HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
12 210KW/2200 281HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
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