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Dual Fuel Generator Sets

Our dual fuel generator sets are fitted with double fuel supply systems which are diesel system and natural gas system. This bi-fuel generator set has two working status, the diesel type and gas type. These two working methods are allowed to be interchanged in a smooth manner for continuous power supply.

Additionally, diesel power system and gas power system are not increasing your maintenance cost, because all key components are the same as normal generator pack, and new parts are ruggedly designed for heavy-duty applications. Moreover, gas power generating system brings minimized carbide content in combustion chamber and turbocharger, thus further reducing maintenance load.

1. Our dual fuel generator set retains the basic power supply.
2. This dual fuel engine is fabricated to meet highest levels of emission norms and long-term stable running.
3. Reduced operation cost comes with increased profitability.
4. No carbon deposition in natural gas and no generation of particles are responsible for less abrasion to cylinder liner and piston ring.
5. Our dual fuel generator set is highly recommended for applications featuring unstable gas supply.

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