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1. Our control cabinet is able to display alternating voltage, current, frequency and power, etc. This merging unit control cabinet is capable of respectively implementing system start/shutdown, automatic/manual switch, alarm reset and automatic simultaneous switch adjustment, etc.

2. This automatic merging system is endowed with synchronization module, which automatically adjusts genset speed via busbar power frequency and phase. When genset is reaching synchronization point, switching on signal will be sent out automatically within 5 seconds.

3. Our control cabinet for generator sets connected in parallel offers automatic load distribution in electronic manner. As a result, you benefit from fast response and precise adjustment. Based on different diesel generator sets varying in power, total load will be uniformly distributed in accordance with proper proportion. Distribution tolerance is controlled within 10%.

4. Our intelligent control cabinet has peaking function. This genset control system automatically controls the number of generator sets connected in parallel on the basis of loading capacity, so as to realize optimized cost containment. Upon request we can offer pre-start function to drastically reduce system impacts occurred to heavy-duty generator sets with backup power genset.

5. Flexible load adjustment and zero-power disconnection are responsible for system voltage waving and minimized negative impacts. Flexible load adjustment enables load to be transferred gradually, generating no impacts.

If you need to uninstall one genset, the load will be fully transferred to other generator sets before automatic disconnection of breaker. Correspondingly, merging can be conducted in the same manner.

6. Reverse power protection is available to this diesel generator set control cabinet. When running genset has failed engine or control system, the entire system will be led into overloaded status. Our merging unit control cabinet will automatically disconnects the failed genset and sends alarms.

Our control cabinet also has over-current protection to automatically disconnect system, stop power supply and cooling the entire gensets.

7. If failures occur, this wind turbine generator merging cabinet will display failures and disconnect breaker, so as to protect the entire genset from being damaged by over temperature, reduced efficiency and over current, etc.

8. As a professional manufacturer of genset and control system, we are able to offer custom engineered load output dual power switch cabinet, feeder cabinet and compensating cabinet, etc. Customers benefit from automatic/manual breaker connection and disconnection, as well as intuitive data display.

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