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    1. Control Cabinet

      Our control cabinet is able to display alternating voltage, current, frequency and power, etc. This merging unit control cabinet is capable of respectively implementing system start/shutdown, automatic/manual switch, alarm reset and automatic simultaneous switch adjustment, etc.

    1. ATS Cabinet

      Our ATS (automatic transfer switch) cabinet is ruggedly designed for single diesel generator set automation and monitoring system.

    1. Generator Set Monitoring System

      Our generator set monitoring system is specially engineered on the basis of high and low voltage power distribution system. This remote control system is amazingly characterized by comprehensive functions and protections, as well as user friendly interface and retrofit capability.

YPPT intelligent monitoring system falls into control cabinet, ATS cabinet and generator set monitoring system. These genset components are famous for unsurpassed quality and stable performance, and have been certified by CE.

As a specialized manufacturer of diesel generator set, we are not only nimble in terms of design, fabrication and sales of all kinds of diesel generator sets, gas generator set, explosion proof generator unit, diesel driven pump unit, gas engines, power transmission equipment and engineering machinery power equipment, etc. We also show more excellence in offering intelligent monitoring system. Please visit our product page for more details.

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