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Diesel Driven Pump Unit

YPPT diesel driven pump unit is the perfect blend of mechanical and electrical integration. This diesel powered water pump is highly characterized by fast startup and water supply. Our intelligent pump unit remains stable connection with diesel engine with flexible coupling. Optimized structure and cavitation property are responsible for outstanding efficiency, low noise, stable performance and easy installation.

This series diesel driven pump unit has proven itself by transporting clean water and other liquids with familiar physical and chemical properties with water. Our diesel water pump set has been extensively applied to fire fighting system, water works, building water supply, irrigation, drainage pumping stations, power plants, industrial water supply systems, shipbuilding, mine drainage, petro, chemical and metallurgy, etc.

1. This agriculture diesel pump is fitted with superior engines supplied by national and international famous enterprises, thus featuring high speed, exceptional durability and loading capacity. 2. Our diesel driven pump unit offers easy installation. All you have to install are water inlet and outlet pipes.
3. With the aid of telephone line or network cable, our industrial water pump unit is within easy access via computer for remote control, supervision, communication and adjustment.
4. The drainage pump pack is renowned for compact structure and minimized foot print, thus being ideal for applications where space is the primary concern.
5. We deploy sub-base tank in this diesel driven pump unit for 8-hour oil supply. Fuel level monitoring and low fuel level alarm functions are available.
6. Small power diesel engine mainly is fitted with top-ranking motor, resulting in small dimension, light weight, energy efficiency and high emission standard. Therefore, our diesel driven pump unit offers price/performance ratio.

Large power diesel engine adopts mature engineering motor and latest electronic speed control system, electronic protection system as well as related technologies, whereby realizing same exceptional performance.

Control Cabinet
There are four control methods available to our control cabinet.
1. Manual Start: Operators have to press start button on control panel to startup or shut down diesel driven pump unit.
2. Automatic Start: The clean water diesel pump receives automatic control signals from fire fighting, pipeline pressure or other automatic signals. Then the pump is started.
3. Remote Start: Via network, you are allowed to remotely control, monitor, communicate and adjust the pump unit.
4. Forced Start: In special circumstances such as failed intelligent system, the diesel driven pump unit can be forced to start.

1. Automatic Charging: Accumulator can be automatically charged by mains supply or diesel engine, thus ensuring smooth startup.
2. Automatic Inspection: Diesel engine and pump unit are automatically inspected for stable performance.
3. Automatic Alarm: Ultimate operator safety is enhanced by automatic alarms on low oil pressure, high water temperature and over speed, etc.
4. Automatic Pre-Heat: Diesel engine is always ready to offer standby power.
5. Customers are allowed to set alarms on other failures.

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