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Explosion Proof Diesel Engines

Our explosion proof diesel engines are available as 15 kW, 25 kW, 60 kW, 80 kW, 120 kW, 170 kW, 220 kW and 375 kW series environment friendly engines. Our large power diesel engine offers 170 kW to 375 kW power and is applicable for 40t to 80t mining equipment carrier and heavy-duty explosion proof oil pump set. Customers avail from stable performance and outstanding price/performance ratio.

1. Original engines are processed by explosion proof modification in turbo-charging diesel engines.
2. All parts in this explosion proof diesel engines feature high integration, compacted structure, light weight and easy deployment.
3. Large power output and strong traction deliver superior overload capacity.
4. This forklift engine comes with low oil consumption, high power per liter and sufficient backup torque. Relief valve is placed in front of water scrubber, resulting in drastically reduced cleaning load.
5. Explosion proof is reliable. Surface temperature of this explosion proof diesel engine is below 150℃ and emission temperature is less than 70℃.
6. Our Euro II engine is renowned for low noise generation and nearly meets Euro III standards.

Model 50HZ
Prime power /rpm Engine explosion proof level Temperature level Gas Component
1 19KW/1500 25HP /1500 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
2 28KW/1500 37HP /1500 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
3 69KW/1500 92HP /1500 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
4 65KW/2200 87HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
5 70KW/2200 93HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
6 75KW/2200 100HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
7 85KW/1800 113HP/1800 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
8 85KW/2200 113HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
9 105KW/2200 140HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
10 120KW/2200 160HP/2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
11 190KW/2200 254HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
12 210KW/2200 281HP /2200 2G/3G T2/T3 IIA/IIB/IIC
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