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Yuchai Engines

  • YC4D

  • YC4F

  • YC6A

  • YC6B

  • YC6G

  • YC6K

  • YC6M

  • YC6MJ

  • YC6MK

  • YC6T

The Yuchai engines are the key components to our power generator sets. The rated power of our turbocharged engine is ranged as 40 kW-320 kW. This water-cooled engine is highly characterized by latest emission technology and has been extensively applied as automotive engine, passenger vehicle engine, truck engine and tractor engine, etc.

Yuchai is the engine fabricator that occupies the largest market sharing in National Standard IV engine and EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engine, and is also the only enterprise in China that launches National Standard V engine. Its EFI engine has served Beijing Olympic Games and Guangzhou Asian Games, etc. In 2011, its YC6L tractor engine, YC6M truck engine and YC6MK passenger vehicle engine were offered with 300,000km or 24 months warranty, longer than any other engine warranty in China.

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