Yuchai Marine Generator Sets

The Yuchai marine generator sets involve the utilization of Yuchai engines which are engineered in accordance with German technologies. This small ship generator offers 50HZ, 1500RPM and 60HZ, 1800r/min. The power is ranged 30 kW-300 kW (50HZ) and 50 kW-350 kW (60HZ). This power generation solution is ideal for small ships and fishing boats, as well as 24 kW-40 kW ancillary generators.

Our Yuchai marine generator sets adopt superior generators supplied by internationally famous manufacturers such as Marathon and Stamford, etc. The small fishing boat power system enjoys cast iron enclosure and canopy for exceptional stability. Moreover, one-piece crankshaft and sliding bearing make this power generation machine compacted and light weighted.

1. We offer prolonged maintenance cycle which exceeds 10,000 hours.

2. Our Yuchai marine generator sets are fitted with high performance combustion chamber, intake and vortex system, which enables our power generation machinery to stand out from competitors in terms of energy efficiency.

3. Yuchai piston sealing technology is introduced to reduce 50% less fuel consumption than domestic marine generator sets at same power level.

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