Weichai Diesel Generator Sets

The Weichai diesel generator sets have been extensively applied to industries of national defense, communication, petrol, healthcare, mining, field rescue, husbandry and backup power, etc. This standby diesel generating set is supplied with 50HZ, 1500RPM and 60HZ, 1800r/min. The prime power is ranged from 50 kW to 300 kW.

Our Weichai diesel generator sets are compatible with various generators from reputable brands such as Stamford, Faraday and Engga, etc.

One of the most important features that this industrial generating set is oil efficiency. We adopt meticulous design to achieve energy effectiveness in five different ways.

1. Fuel economiser is introduced to our Weichai diesel generator sets. This device is deployed vertically at front pipeline of oil jetting pump and is connected with DC power. Therefore, customers benefit from drastically reduced gas emission and saving 5% fuel.

2. We employ inertia supercharger to the diesel engine, whereby increasing 15% power and reducing 3%-5% fuel consumption.

3. We wrap 2-3 layers of adsorptive tissue paper to filter cartridge in diesel engine, so as to enhance fuel cleanliness and minimize fuel consumption.

4. Air filter in this power generating system comes with two filter screens, and we insert a 8-20mm thick polyfoam sheet with exceptional air permeability. As a result, outstanding filtration realizes complete consumption and energy efficiency.

5. In order for better fuel effectiveness, fuel return pipe in this Weichai diesel generator sets is modified to connect with high pressure fuel pipe, thus enabling return fuel to flow into low pressure pipeline. Fuel saving is enhanced in turn.

400 (230)V / 50Hz / 1500rpm

1. In addition to the open type generator sets, we can also offer soundproof generator sets and trailer-mounted generator sets.
2. 60Hz generator sets are also available; please refer to the power range of 50Hz generator sets.

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